You can pay for your groovybooth in instalments! Just click on the 'Checkout' button in 'My Booking' and choose how much you want to pay!                 Did you know that groovybooth were one of the first party photo booth companies in the UK? We've been groovyboothin' since 2008!                 We're passionate about photography so we designed the groovybooth with professional studio lighting and top-notch digital SLR cameras to guarantee great picture quality!                
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When does a good night out become an amazing night out?  

When Groovybooth supply the entertainment of course! Our portable photo booths are guaranteed to liven up any party, bring all your friends together and create some fantastic memories. 

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So how does this Groovybooth work then?  

Since you ask, one of the Groovybooth gang rocks up to your event and sets up the booth complete with Bon Jovi wigs and scuba goggles (no, really!). 



What’s more, we’ll stick around all night making sure your every need is tended to (within reason!).  So all that’s left for your guests to do is stick on a silly wig, pull a funny face, and have some good old fashioned fun.


 And if you think that's cool...

...and it IS, our brand new Groovycamper brings all the fun of the groovybooth to any outdoor event.  

A fully featured groovybooth built into a mini campervan (including a frightening number of hairpieces and props).

Groovycamper is the mobile photo booth that dreams are made of. Let's get this show on the road!