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To book a Groovybooth please complete the details below.

If the date you have requested is available we will contact you to confirm your booking and take a £100 deposit. Otherwise we will let you know that your date is unavailable.

You will not be charged unless we can confirm your booking with you.

Groovybooth Information and conditions of hire

  • The Groovybooth measures 205cm (h) x 200cm (w) x 120 (D) & requires a minimum ceiling height of at least 225cm
  • We will arrive approximately 2 hours before your booth start time to setup the groovybooth, unless otherwise agreed
  • The Groovybooth is for indoor use only, requires 1 mains power socket and must be on a completely flat & level surface
  • The Groovybooth may be located within a marquee with closed sides but please note the above power and level surface requirements
  • The Groovybooth may not be located in a gazebo
  • If we are supplying props, please arrange for your venue to provide a table near the booth for these
  • Please arrange for your venue to provide a table near the booth for your guests to stick their photos & sign the guest book
  • The Groovybooth should not be positioned in close proximity to loud speakers as picture distortion may occur
  • Please ensure that you inform your venue and obtain their permission to use the Groovybooth
  • The acceptance of all bookings is subject to receipt of a completed booking form and the deposit of £100. The balance must be paid no later than one month prior to your event unless otherwise agreed
  • In the event of your cancellation, refunds of any deposits / monies cannot be made
  • If for any reason (i.e. sickness, accident, car breakdown, equipment failure) we are unable to provide you with a functioning groovybooth We will be happy to extend the Hire Period by a period equal to the duration of the period of time lost. Where it is not possible to extend the Hire Period or where it is not possible to extend the Hire Period for the full duration of the time lost We will arrange to make a refund to You. The value of the refund will be based on the duration of the period of time lost as a proportion to the duration of the original Hire Period detailed on Your Booking Confirmation.
  • Where We are unable to deliver any of the Services on Your Booking Confirmation We will contact You as soon as is reasonably possible and We will arrange to make a refund to You for the full value of the Services We have been unable to deliver.
  • Once a refund has been made in any of the circumstances described above You shall have no claim against Us for any further refund or compensation.
  • We will not provide any refunds where the availability of the Services during the Hire Period is delayed, reduced or impaired as a result of an action or inaction of the Venue, Yourselves or Your guests.
  • Your booking is not confirmed until you receive a booking confirmation email from us.

If you have any questions or are unable to comply with any of the above conditions of hire, please contact us immediately.

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