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Alternative wedding gifts

posted by Graham

The majority of our wedding clients have already lived together by the time they say their vows on their special day. That means they also own some of the traditional gifts that used to be lavished on brides and grooms. So while some may see the wedding as an opportunity to up-spec the TV, Hi-Fi and Lawnmower, others are taking a softer approach and looking to personalisation as the answer. Here are seven ideas that you could take with you as your wedding gift.


A special memory

A trip on a yacht, a meal at a fine restaurant, something that the happy couple can share will create a timeless memory and serve as a wonderful gift

Fun in the kitchen

Most grooms are now a dab hand when it comes to cuisine. But for those still a bitt rusty, or for theirs wanting to hone their skills, a cookery experience will be a perfect gift to upskill the wedding couple in the kitchen

Looking fab on the outside

What about a professional landscaper to offer a nip and a tuck to your property exterior. Often a part of the house overlooked in the run up to the wedding, now could be a perfect time to give it a new lease of life – a garden made for two!

That personal touch

Getting something commissioned for the bride and groom may be out of your budget or expertise, but it can offer a truly wonderful gift that can be hailed as a one of a kind.

Sculpting your home

Many galleries will accept a contribution towards a sculpture which gives an alternative to clubbing together for one of the bigger items on the wedding gift list. Make sure though that it is in keeping with the brude and groom’s tastes. Just because you may like it, don’t assume that you’ll see it on display in their house post wedding!

Charity begins at home

For some guests where either money is no object or where materialism takes a back seat, there is always the option of donating to charity. Choose wisely and make a difference to someone else’s life, not just the bride and groom.

Grow old gracefully

Of course, a great gift will be something that can age along with the bride and groom. A fine wine, an outdoor plaque; something that ages is a perfect way to synchronise your gift with the lives of the happy couple.