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Groovy wedding entertainment ideas!

posted by Graham

You have a budget and it can be hard to get everything that you want included. After the venue, dress and Groovybooth have been paid for, there often isn’t a great deal left to allocate to other things! We know how important it is for your guests to feel included in your day as much as you feel that they are included in yours. So why not include a little extra float in your budget to book one of these groovy entertainment ideas?!


Giant Games

Jenga, Connect 4, Chess are old stalwarts when it comes to giant games. But there are also inflatable options too for the more adventurous wedding parties. Clearly your idea needs to fit with those on your guest list, but rodeo or pugil stick battle will certainly draw some laughs and keep our guests laughing and smiling.

Celebrity look-a-likes

If you want to guarantee a double take, book a look-a-like. Useful to get some conversation amongst guests who may have never previously spoken before, they are a great ice breaker. Even better to get them in the photo booth with you so you can pull a few ‘boasts’ at the coffee machine when you are next in work.

Prop box

Groovybooth provides this as a standard option for all booth bookings. But why not invest in your won props that can be worn away from the booth too? There is nothing funnier than seeing Grandma dressed as a 70s diva whilst cutting some shapes on the dancefloor!

Living Statues

What better statement for your guests arrival than a solid silver or gold living statue? Able to impress passers by on streets throughout the country, your guests will be just as suitable mesmerised, although on this occasion, it’s likely that making an obligatory coin donation into the statue’s briefcase will not be required!

Brass band

Finally, for the more sedentary guests, there is nothing more tranquil than arriving to the wedding venue to be greeted by a brass band. Sipping on champagne whilst mingling with other guests to this musical backdrop will serve as a wonderful precursor to the wedding breakfast.